Look What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Lynda @ Raritan Senior Center says:

"On behalf of the Raritan Senior Center, I would like to thank you for the excellent programs of the Art of the Masters you share with us. Your program and staff are highly regarded by our seniors and always allow them to express their artistic talents. Our Seniors can't wait for your programs and eagerly await to see them on the calendar. Our daily clients sign up immediately and also brings in new clients when our activities are posted in the newspaper or press releases. Whatever the project has been the groups are always delighted in how it developed into a piece of art. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the wonderful programs and your dedicated staff."

  • Lisa @ Knoll Heights Village says:

"Knoll Heights is a senior housing complex.  I have a regular group of residents who have stated, "This is the first program I add to my calendar each month.  I do not like to miss it." Our residents have given their artwork as gifts.  At our assisted living building, we have just redecorated our front sitting area with our Art of the Masters group projects and everyone loves it!"

  • Kelly @ Chelsea of Bridgewater Assisted Living says:

"My residents love this program and they look forward to it every month! Susanne is wonderful!!! I was amazed the first time when I realized she knew all the regulars names . She is able to help them on their level and I think that is excellent. It means a lot to me when I feel that someone else cares about my residents the way I do . Thank You for this incredible and reasonably priced program."

  • Tara @ Francis Asbury Manor Assisted Living says:

"Matt this is an excellent program and we love it. Others have tried to do things simliar and I just do not acknowledge them. I'm happy with you and I am not willing to change this. Great job!!"

  • Barbara @ Buckingham Medical Daycare says: 

"Christina is an excellent instructor.
She is very kind and caring with the clients, and explains things very well. I love having her at our center."

  • Susan @ SpringHills at Somerset says:

"For a lot of our residents this is their favorite activity.  Christina is so kind and patient."