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So you've read all the material and you're still not sure if the Art of the Masters is right for your clients. We would love to hear from you!

Artists / Educators: Looking for something new?

How about an opportunity to share the world of art with people of all ages.  We are seeking only the best and most sincere professionals to work with our team in your area. It's a great time to get involved with an exciting and growing company.  We would love to hear from you too!


The Paintstro! Group Art Kits:
An Interactive Art Experience that ends with a Surprise!

We are thrilled to offer our new group art kits called, THE PAINTSTRO!  It only took 13,000 workshops to develop this innovative group art kit.  It is simply amazing and people of all ages and levels will see value in the art experience that the kit creates.  If you have any questions about our kits, please contact us today.